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Insight: Seattle's Arena Plan / Health Benefits Design / Empty Bowls / Best Foreign Cuisine Cookbook

Published March 4, 2013

Seattle's Arena Plan - Seattle and Sacramento are both working towards building a new arena to court the same basketball team - the current Sacramento Kings. In Sacramento, there are a lot of hurdles and moving parts making it difficult for arena proponents to get a working plan in place, but is Seattle facing similar obstacles? We'll speak with Seattle sports reporter Art Thiel about the ongoing tug of war between the two cities vying for the Kings and what Seattle is doing to get an arena in place and counter Sacramento's home court advantage.

Health Benefits Design - Covered California, the state's Health Benefit Exchange set up in accordance with the national Affordable Care Act, has released its benefits plan. We'll discuss the standard benefit design including price, coverage, co-pays and qualifications with Executive Director Peter Lee.

Empty Bowls - Despite the slight recovery in the economy, Sacramento's River City Food Bank has seen an increase in those needing assistance. The Food Bank is holding its 10th Annual Empty Bowls event on March 4 and 5 to raise awareness and fight hunger in Sacramento as more and more people -especially families - are in need of food. We'll talk with Eileen Thomas, River City Food Bank Executive Director, about the event and what it means to be hungry in Sacramento.

Best Foreign Cuisine Cookbook - Ken Albala's latest cookbook was named "best foreign cuisine book" on Feb. 23rd at the Paris Cookbook Fair. The University of the Pacific professor's book, "Three World Cuisines: Italian, Mexican, Chinese," had previously been named the best foreign cuisine book from America by the Gourmand International. We'll talk with him about the book and hear what makes it the best in the world.


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